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Boosting your business with online bookings

The last six months have been a time of transition for a lot of businesses trying to keep above water. Any businesses that could, have transformed their businesses into allowing their customers to engage with them remotely.

This can be relevant for a much wider audience than one would think. Whether we are referring to speech therapists, coaching, Yoga instructor, doctor, or any other profession with client contact , you still want to be able to meet with our customers on a day to day schedule, as you did in the days where we met our customers face to face.

On your Wix site, it is possible to enable online bookings which means that your clients can book that appointment with you from your web site, whether it's a 1-on-1 session, or a group class. This all comes with a rich set of capabilities such as:

  • Allowing members to login and manage their own appointments

  • Accept online payments at time of booking

  • Manage marketing campaigns by offering coupons

  • Reschedule pre-set appointments

  • Send embedded Zoom links to your meeting participants

  • Synchronise all your bookings with your calendar

  • Customise your bookings form to be fully prepared

  • Send participants messages and reminders

Most importantly, this is all managed within the Wix ecosystem, so in the same place where you manage your contacts, blog and other content, you'll be managing the bookings in an intuitive manner.

Booking appointments from website

Manage your bookings on the go

To make it easy for both business owners, to adminster their appointments, and for clients, to easily be able to book appointments, there is a Wix mobile app called, surprisingly, 'Wix', that can be installed - available both on iOS and Android

So, imagine that you are a Gym Instructor and offer classes for your clients. This is how the interface would look for them:

Booking from the Mobile App

And for you, the business owner, from the comfort of your mobile, you can quickly see who is signed up to your classes, and send messages to participants at the click of a button

Managing your bookings on-the-go

COVID-19 Ready

For the near future, meeting your clients face to face is not possible, and meeting through Zoom is the new unfortunate reality that we are all getting use to. Wix Bookings has catered for this need with the ability to attach Zoom links to your meetings with your clients.

Sharing Zoom meeting details

So, what should I do?

If you are not yet able to engage with our clients remotely, we fully recommend you to enable your business to be 'remote-ready' and set up Online Bookings for your clients to meet with you, whether it be a Gym class, Life Coaching, or Financial consulting.

And with Wix, this is easy to manage and intuitive for both you, the business owner, and more importantly, your clients.

Many business owners will be thinking 'can I afford to take my business online', but really they should be asking 'can I afford not to take my business online'

Taking a look at how the world as a whole, has reacted to the Corona pandemic, we don't have to be a genius to notice that a LOT of businesses have taken their business online.

If you want to look into taking this brave step, take a look a or contact us if you someone to hold your hand through this transition.


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