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What's news in Wix Stores as we enter 2020

2019 has been a busy year for Wix, and I'd like to share just a few of the great new features that can help you build even more fantastic online stores with Wix Stores.


So to start with, Wix has dived into the world of dropshipping. This means that you can now sell things that you don't actually stock. It's never been easier to be a dropshipper - Just link up your store to Modalyst, which is one of the leading Dropshipping Suppliers, pick the products you want to sell in your store, add your markup, and start selling. It's a simple as that. Give it a whirl!

Print on Demand

Share your message with the world - customize any of hundreds of products with your message, whether it's a baseball cap, a coffee mug, T-Shirt, or socks, and start selling. You don't need to stock anything - whatever you sell will be printed on demand automatically by the Print on Demand supplier that you choose and shipped to your buyer, with your branding. It's as simple as that.

Give it a try - you won't be disapponted.

Printing Shipping Labels

No more waiting in line at the post office to print shipping labels and stamps for your products - you can do it straight from your office thanks to integration with Shippo, ShipStation and ability to integrate with many other shipping label providers.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Wix can now help you identify shopping carts that have been 'abandoned' by potential buyers and let's you reach out to them to remind them to checkout their cart.

SEO for your products

SEO is not just for static content on your site - you also want your buyers to find you by searching for any products. WixStores advanced SEO for product catalog pages will take your stores in leaps and bounds to get up their on top

And here's a message from Wix themselves about their new features

There's no-one better to hear a recap on 2019 than from Wix's product manager herself



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