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Selling Gift Vouchers on Bookings sites

I can't believe I am finally writing this post. When we first started using Wix to build websites for businesses that offered bookings services such as manicures, beauticians etc... there was one enormous gaping hole in the capabilities that we could offer.

These businesses kept on requesting to be able to sell Gift Vouchers for their services online. I mean, what's more fun that to get a birthday gift voucher from your best friends for a wonderful massage, or a well-needed manicure!

Unfortunately, there was no easy complete end-to-end solution for allowing business owners to sell Gift Vouchers. Then Wix came out with a whole range of abilities to create custom behaviour on websites via Wix Corvid - a set of APIs which allow integration with databases, payment providers, email sending and many more.

So when we told Jesica from Keramikli, our local clay cafe, that we can finally give her the ability for selling Gift Vouchers online, she was overwhelmed with excitement. Together we defined a landing page where the visitor can enter details of the Gift Voucher to be purchased, pay online, and hey presto, the Gift Voucher was delivered by email to their loved one in less than 5 seconds.

We didn't stop there - Jesica from Keramikli also wanted to get notified of all Gift Voucher purchases, and be able to keep track of them from her business. To solve this, we added a Gift Voucher Admin page on her dashboard where she can view and update usage of any Gift Vouchers:

So, whether you are are a beautician, pedicurist or manicurist, and are dreaming of being able to boost your sales by offering Gift Vouchers online, well, it's no longer a dream! Send us a message to, or call Michelle on +972-54-5691117


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