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Making your site multilingual

Whether you are a Landscape Gardener, have an online store selling branded sportswear, or providing group therapy sessions, you all want to make sure that your business is accessible to as broad an audience as possible. So, if you are located in a geography where there are multiple spoken languages, such as our beautiful Israel, this means allowing your website to be read in those languages.

Frequently, when building site for multiple languages, the person building the website mistakenly think that they need to build multiple parallel websites, one for each language, which not only carries with it the extra cost of web hosting, but also extra work of duplication of content, design, and also the challenge of updating content in both sites at the same time.

If you create your website with Wix, supporting multiple languages becomes very easy, and that's because Wix has built in feature of multi-lingual support.

In simple words, this means that your site can be created in the primary language, and then, when ready, your site can be translated into other languages. Once done, your published site will have a easy to use language menu which allows users of different languages to browse your website.

For more information, go and visit the help page on Wix,, or just ask us at Enaya Web


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